The core of our work is the Walk & Talk monthly events where we all meet up and well, Walk & Talk! It’s not just about the walking and the talking though, as the power of these events is the sense of togetherness and the lack of judgement, which means all are comfortable to talk freely while getting some fresh air and exercise outside.

Here you can see all the information about past, present and future events.

You can also subscribe to our Google Calendar so that our events are synced with your calendars as soon as we add them in.

Upcoming Events

Walk & Talk Christmas Party

Sunday 12th December 2021


Salina Nature Reserve

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Past Events

Walk & Talk at Foresta 2000

Sunday 7th November 2021


Foresta 2000 Nature Reserve

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Walk & Talk – Majjistral Park

Sunday 10th October 2021


Meeting Point / Car Park

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Walk & Talk – Simar Nature Reserve

Sunday 12th September 2021


Simar Nature Reserve

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Walk & Talk – Vincent’s Eco Estate

Sunday 29th August 2021


Vincent’s Eco Estate

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Walk & Talk – Anniversary Special

Saturday 10th July 2021


Pembroke Gardens