Meet the Team

Meet the people that make the Walk & Talk cogs turn and work tirelessly to bring these events to everyone that needs them.

Rachael Hollwey

Rachael Hollwey

I never know how to keep an “about me” section short. My life has been one of many battles, adventures and quite an endurance test, but it has made me who I am today and given me the passion I have to help others. Though I wouldn’t change what I’ve been through because of this, I also don’t want anyone else to suffer to such an extent, or want anyone to ever feel alone.

I recovered from Anorexia Nervosa and found my way out of a deep depression after 10 years of fighting and spending 5 years in hospital. I was a part of a scientific study, tried to end my life, and lost friends to their battles. But despite this, I volunteered in Ghana, worked a summer in France, travelled to many countries and have experienced so much joy.

Though now suffering with physical side effects from what my body went through during my mental illness, I live in Malta working as a private and self-employed Pilates Instructor, founded this charity and wrote my book “At War With My Mind”.

My shout out to the world is to never give up and that anything is possible!

Patrick Hollwey

Patrick & Chris Hollwey

I have spent over 25 years devoting much of my spare time to the charitable sector, initially on the board of some children’s hospices, helping to raise funds to build two new hospices in London and then also as co-founder of Tennis For Free in the UK, providing free mass participation sports sessions for those that need it most, working with deprived communities and those suffering from mental health, the aim being to improve peoples lives through building strong communities in a healthy environment.

Being a parent to Rachael and living through 10 years of her mental battles, alongside working with Children suffering from life limiting illnesses made me realise how much these new schemes are needed to help both those that are struggling and those caring for someone.

None of this could be done without the support and encouragement from my wife Chris who has devoted so much of her working life to helping others, it’s a team effort and shows what can be done with the support of those around you.

Having spent 30 years in the fashion industry, I then changed my working life to what it is today. The reward of seeing people get back their confidence and self esteem right in front of your eyes is what drives me to keep giving back, I now get my inspiration from Rachael and devote as much of my time as possible to building stronger communities.

Malcolm Portelli

As a teenager, Malcolm suffered from Anorexia Nervosa but was lucky enough to have the support structure and help he needed to recover. As an adult, he founded the Eating Disorders Support Malta organisation with the aim to assist all those people affected by eating disorders.

He now is married with a beautiful daughter and works in the IT and Information Security industry, making him the right board member to take care of all things tech.

He hopes that his experiences and expertise can help Walk & Talk thrive and become the platform for mental health awareness that everyone needs.

Anne Henders

An American living in Malta , Anne is pleased to join the Board of Walk and Talk. She previously served on several community boards in the US and is currently the recording secretary for a charity in Malta.

Anne enjoys reading, traveling, Pilates and learning the Maltese language.

Anne is looking forward to meeting new people who share her passion for helping others.

Abbie Ferrar

Abbie Ferrar

I have spent the majority of my life in nature, trying to protect it. From climbing mountains with my parents as a child, studying Marine Zoology and Environmental Management at university, to volunteering and working for many environmental charities. 

My passion for ecotherapy (nature based therapy) comes from seeing people close to me live through their own mental health battles, but how being outdoors had such benefit to their wellbeing.
I grew up seeing my dad living through his mental health battles, but his symptoms of anxiety improve when he’s in his garden or out in the countryside.

I have also experienced it myself; when stressed, I use the outdoors as a way to calm myself.
At a very low point in my life just after I graduated University, I was living back with my parents, stressed, sad and desperate for work. My dad would often take me up a mountain or for a walk with the dog to help and let me reflect on the positives in my life. Either getting to the top of that mountain despite the challenge, or just the simple walk in nature, I would feel much better and believe everyone can benefit in the same way.

I want to be able to use these experiences to help not only those living with a mental health illness, but also those supporting them. Mental health struggles are never easy for anyone, but with Walk & Talk, we can help!